Kai Kung Leng

Kai Kung Leung, located north of Kam Tin, has a very wide peak. The main peak has three apexes, which are Tai Lo Tin, Lo Tin Teng and Lung Tam Shan from west to east. A triangulation station was erected on Tai Lo Tin, which stands at more than 500 metres in elevation. It is an extremely challenging trek up Kai Kung Leng. When you have finished peak after peak, you can enjoy the splendour formed by the undulating hills. If you stand atop the lush peak of Tuen Tso Shan, you can view very far into the distance Kam Tin, Yuen Long, Mai Po and even Shenzhen. The spectacular view with amaze you.

Sights to see:

  • Fung Kat Heung
  • Kai Kung Shan (secondary peak)
  • Gwai Gok San (main peak)
  • Tsiu Keng Village