Nam Sang Wai

Situated not far from the Town Centre of Fairview Park is Yuen Long Nam Sang Wai, which is widely known as ‘the back garden of Hong Kong’ and birds’ paradise.  It is an oasis where you can truly relax when you are surrounded by large swathes of mangrove, reed and ponds.  With such wonderful scenery, it is a good destination for a family picnic as well as the perfect location for a photo shoot.  The fields, the ponds, the wetland and the vast tracts of grass make for an idyllic environment.  A leisurely stroll in it will be a treat for the body and the mind.

Sights to see:

  • Jetty
  • Scenic path lined with River Red Gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis)
  • ‘Wedding Gown Bridge’
  • The White Paperbark Road
  • The Great Grassland