Space is boundless here. Fairview Park is located next to the famous Mai Po Nature Reserve and boasts a tranquil environment surrounded by nature day and night. The Town Centre has a unique open-air design and offers approx. 65,000 sq.ft. of shops and services, including supermarket, restaurants, child education, and daily necessities. At the Town Centre, there is an artificial lake with precious black and white swans, and is one of the largest private artificial lakes in Hong Kong. Strolling on the Lakeside Path of about 700 metres in length lets you take in the spectacular view of the lake and be enveloped in blissful peace and quiet.
Fairview Park Country Club is located at the Town Centre of Fairview Park. The Country Club provides integrated recreational facilities like tennis courts, swimming pool, outdoor basketball court / badminton courts, squash courts, dancing room, table tennis room and gymnasium etc. Sauna room and steam bathroom are available inside changing rooms. Reading and billiard rooms are provided for members who enjoy quiet environment. Furthermore, several outdoor and indoor playgrounds are designed for children’s recreational purposes. Among other things, Country Club is famous for its cuisine and for the quality of the food served by Fairview Park Restaurant (Chinese cuisine) and Country Café (Western cuisine), both are ideal venues for private and commercial functions, friends gatherings or banquets for members.
KindergartenThe C. & M. A. Fairview Park Kindergarten was set up by the Fairview Park Alliance Church as a non-profit-making kindergarten in 1981. The mission of our kindergarten is to help young children grow in love according to the Spirit of Christ and to teach children biblical truth. Furthermore, we aim to cultivate the all-round development of children in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills, emotions, language, aesthetics and spiritual discipline. Teachers in our school have all received professional training in pre-school education. English teachers are native English speakers and the Putonghua teacher holds an Advanced Proficiency in Putonghua test certificate. Our teaching is student-centered, allowing young children to learn through games and small-group activities. In our teaching we focus on building up life education to develop the good character of students. Also, our school enhances the biliteracy and trilingualism of students while strengthening their self-confidence and potential, so as to provide high-quality early childhood education.
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